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Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter | Quick Fix for Common Printer Issues

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Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

We will teach you to solve the printer problem and Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

During Epson’s printer cleaning cycle, it dispels ink from its nozzles down a waste pipe into an absorbent pad. Epson has put a counter in their printers that counts every page passed through the printer and has set the printer to shut down after a certain number to prevent overflow of the waste ink pad. Usually, your printer’s waste pad is around 40% to 80% full when the printer starts showing an error message.

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

Waste Inkpad Counter Overflow

After the initial message, you can only print 20 pages before your Epson printer refuses to print anymore. There is a workaround that you can use to reset the counter to its initial state. Follow these steps to solve “Epson waste ink pad in the printer is saturated” error.

Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter

Epson Printers ink pad is at end of servise life

Warning: Ideally, you should reset the counter when you clean or replace the waste pad. Try to clean or replace the waste ink pad as soon as possible to avoid overflow of ink and any possible damage to your printer.

when Waste Inkpad Counter Overflow your Epson printer’s red light blinking and you need Reset Waste Ink Pad Counter.

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